Mann M11 Condenser Microphone

Mann M11 Condenser Microphone

$289.00 inc GST

Robust mechanical construction coupled with classic broadcast condenser design makes this uniquely versatile general purpose condenser microphone a useful tool for a vide variety of studio and live applications.

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The M11 is a high output 48 volt powered full condenser. It is endowed with enough gain to duplicate the most subtle low output sound sources, yet its low noise transformerless pre amp module can handle input transients well over 132 dB.

The interchangeable M11 capsule has been designed with rising response in the upper harmonic areas and will deliver exceptional clarity to spoken word and stringed instrumentation. Rich bass response is a key feature of the M11 sound, a hard act to accomplish in a small format condenser.

The off axis rejection characteristics makes the M11 one if the few condensers suited to live music applications where high level foldback is required. The smooth and consistent frequency response is also a great benefit when multiple microphones are required for high SPL sound reinforcement applications. High levels before feedback are possible yet the cardioid pattern allows a generous pick up area for multiple source situations.